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COVID-19 Community Health Information

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

Here is the latest information provided by local emergency management, law enforcement and health officials: The state of Tennessee posts statewide information of confirmed cases each day. Here is the current confirmed information: More than 3600 confirmed cases statewide with 44 deaths. 3 confirmed cases are in Perry County.

From the Perry Community Hospital:

From Perry County 911: Perry County Sheriff's Department says they are coordinating with several agencies, including E-911, to make sure first responders are prepared to respond to 911 and medical calls appropriately. 911 dispatchers say they will be asking emergency callers about symptoms and possible exposure to COVID-19 to alert first responders.

Perry County Nursing Home: The Perry County Nursing Home is now restricting visitor access. Health officials say the elderly population is most venerable to COVID-19, and the move is out of protection for their residents. Additional screening measures are also being enacted at the nursing home.

Durens Pharmacy: Linden is OPEN.

Due to a confirmed cased of COVID-19 in our county and the likelihood of more to follow, we are using a DRIVE THRU and CURBSIDE PICKUP only model. Our lobby is closed to help maintain the cleanliness of our pharmacy and the safety of our employees. This is also the best way we can protect your health and safety by not allowing you to share personal space with other pharmacy patients.

Our DRIVE THRU is for drop off and pick up only. You are welcome to wait in our parking lot in your vehicle. Due to the circumstances, our line is understandably longer than usual. Please be patient. Our staff is giving you our very best effort.

CURBSIDE SERVICE is available for pick up only. Your prescriptions must be filled in advance of your arrival. Once parked in our lot, please phone in your payment information and provide a description of your vehicle. We will bring your prescriptions to you. CURBSIDE SERVICE is available Monday - Friday.

There are several steps you can take to improve your pharmacy experience, expedite our service and assist us in protecting the health and well-being of everyone involved.

1. Call in your refills a day in advance.

2. Provide payment information over the phone.

3. Limit hand-to-hand transactions by phoning in refill numbers instead of dropping off bottles, providing payment over the phone instead of paying in person, or using a card or check instead of cash.

4. Understand we are all in this together. We do not enjoy being cooped up in the pharmacy with limited interaction with our patients any more than you like being cooped up in your homes. Complaining takes up valuable time and provides no solution to our greatest problem - the spread of this virus.

5. Most importantly, please stay home as much as you possibly can. Play games with your children. Call and check on your neighbors. Read books. Work puzzles. Do all the little things you don't ordinarily have time to do.

While you are doing your part to stop the spread of coronavirus, be confident we are doing ours as well. We are sanitizing our iPad, clipboard and pen after every use.

We thank you for your effort and understanding during these hard and unusual circumstances. We look forward to seeing you in our store and talking face-to-face as soon as this passes.

-Perry County School Nutrition: FOR THE WEEK OF MARCH 23-27, 2020

Perry County Schools will be serving meals to any child under the age of 18. Meals will be available at all schools from 8:00-10:00 everyday this week. If you are not able to come to one of the schools then meals will be delivered by bus to households. Someone will need to be where the bus driver can see them so they will know to stop. Please be patient with us. We are working as hard as we can and within what is allowable according to federal/state guidelines. If you have any questions, email

BUS SCHEDULES - Buses will leave the schools at the designated times.



Bus 16 will run Upper & Lower Brush Creek, Old Hwy 13N, & Hwy 100E

Bus 9 - Old Hwy 13S, Sugar Hill, Rockhouse, Sinking Creek, Cotton Branch

Bus 10 - Short Creek, Hwy 412E, Poplin Hollow


Bus 8 - Oliver Apartments, Hwy 412W to Buck Fork Rd, Marsh Creek, & Cypress Creek

Bus 2 - Tower Estates, Hwy 412E, Spring Creek, Lower Lick Creek

Bus 12 - Lick Creek, North Fork Lick Creek, Pineview, Owl Hollow, & Deer Creek


Bus 4 - Airport Rd, Hwy 13S, Flatwoods

Bus 18 - Swindle, Mayberry Prong, Cedar Creek

Bus 3 - Woods Prong, White Oak, Hwy 128

Bus 00 - Town of Linden, Hurricane



Bus 21 - Riverside Dr, Lagoon, Burns Ridge, Cane Creek, Hwy 13N

Bus 20 - Town of Lobelville, Red Bank, Russell Creek


Bus 6 - Mud Spring, Old Beardstown, Tom’s Creek Rd to the river

Bus 5 - Roans Creek, Crooked Creek, Pond Hollow

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