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Audio: Commission Meets To Discuss County Garbage Issues

In a special called meeting, Perry County Commissioners met to discuss reported issues with the county solid waste and sanitation department. Commissioners opened the meeting by saying they were responding to numerous complaints about pickup times, the amount of employees working the roads, and employee supervision.

Sanitation Director Timmy Trull spoke on behalf of the department, addressing the concerns. Although a wide variety of topics were discussed, the only official decision made was to hire an additional driver with a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) at $10.00 an hour, then raising the pay to $13.00 per hour once a new budget is passed. An applicant in the audience expressed interest.

Other discussion items included moving dumpsters to the west end of Perry County, adding additional dumpsters, and hiring a weekend driver. No conclusive decisions were made on those issues. At times the discussion was animated, as employees of the sanitation department exchanged ideas with commissioners.

Editors Note: The attached audio clip is the full, unedited meting. The County Courtroom does not appear to have an operational PA system, so many of the commissioners are difficult to hear at times. This recording was captured from our device as a public service.

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